Ian Clarke


In Tandem

Anne, and I play as a duo and call ourselves ‘In Tandem’. We perform at Open Mic nights. Occasionally we are joined by David Tempest on violin. The three of us, with Cats in the Kitchen, have raised over £3,000 in support of NCI Felixstowe by performing in two music evenings at the Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club.

I also play rhythm guitar and keyboards for Cats in the Kitchen - a Chelmsford based soft rock band.


Songs to date are ...

  • Shin to the Button
  • Slow Dance
  • The Arrogant Man
  • What Do You Want?
  • You're Always There
  • Weather Bomb
  • Henry the Peacock


Shin to the Button

All profits from this song are going to the HMS Ganges Museum. It can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon and cdbaby.

HMS Ganges was the shore based naval training establishment for boys on the Shotley peninsula in Suffolk. It opened in 1905 and closed in 1976. In 1907 the 143’ mast was built from the masts of HMS Cordelia and HMS Agincourt. It was compulsory for the boys to climb to the first platform. Mast Manning comes from the days of sail with the boys climbing to music and positioning themselves on the rigging and yardarms with the Button Boy standing to attention on a disc, just under one foot in diameter, on the top of the mast. The only way up the last 15’ of the match was to shin up with nothing to hold onto but the mast itself. Once on top the Button Boy supported himself by clamping the lightening conductor (spike) between his knees!

In Tandem performing at the EverymanFolk Club - 29 January 2013
HMS Ganges mast
Organ score for You're Always There